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Payed Demos?

April 9, 2014

Recently Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has launched, and it has had a very mixed reception from fans and critics. Many loved it(like me) and others hated it with a white hot passion. Now, the hate it has received is something I both understand and do not understand. On one hand, it is a very good open area, with interesting missions and a decent story line. The graphics are wonderful and it has a buttery smooth 60 FPS. But in the other hand, it can be beaten in by most people in about an hour(on the first play through) and costs thirty dollars.

Now to be fair, you do get more content than just the 48 minute campaign(how long it took me to beat it). The side ops take 35-60 minutes each, and each are fun, though there are only five. They range from killing two specific targets, rescuing a specific person, which is the same as the main mission, just shorter, and collecting data from a person on the base. There is a lot of fun to be had, but really the content is just padding for the campaign, which is a prologue to the Phantom Pains, coming next year. I am a hardcore MGS fan, so a bite of anything new gets me wet, but really the overall game was bland. Sure, I finished the mission and had a lot of fun doing it, but the ending cutscene just made the rest of it feel weak by comparison. Letting us play the scene out as snake would have been wonderful, but instead the climax of Ground Zeroes is something you end up sitting by and watching take place. A huge disappointment to what I see as a solid(heh) experience.

Though I like it, people cry and pout about the price. They do not want to pay that much for what is merely a “demo,” and while it could be argued that Ground Zeroes is a Demo, it is just as easy to look at it and realize that it is just a short introduction to the main game. A demo, in my own opinion, is a piece of software that shows the best and newest features of the product without spoiling anything or ruining your main experience. Ground Zeroes is an important part of the MGS V story line, and no it does not show off much of the new features at all. I was honestly surprised at the lack of new features besides the stealth elements. It can hardly be called open world. It is not a demo, it IS merely a prologue. Calling it a demo is not correct, but getting mad at the price is both wrong and right. 30 dollars for what you get is not the worst thing in the world, especially since other games were charged 60 and were giving less fun content(Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 anyone?). With GZ you get important story details and a good taste of the game, which may come out early next year or, as I would hope and pray, the end of this year.

Like I said about Titanfall, the game should be enjoyed for what it gives you. I cannot stress enough that what you get from a game is what you alone get from it, nobody else can change your own personal opinion. If you do not want to pay $30 for a prologue because you do not see it as a good investment, you do not have to, but just think harder about where you are putting your money, because there are much worse games and movies out there to be purchased. We can only hope that this is an exception to the release of games and demos, but as the current gen moves forward we may be encountering more demos and prologues that need to be purchased. It is not fair, but the industry does what it wants to do. The future moves towards digital only and microtransactions, and though people do not want it, eventually every little demo, bonus DLC, expansion, everything will be an expensive slice of digital DRM. We as gamers need to enjoy what we have now, because it is just going to get worse on us as time moves forward.


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