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Remaster The Classics

Now, it has become a rather common trend in the game industry with the new new generation where developers feel the need to rerelease some of their old games. I am all for an HD remaster or some kind of rerelease, but it has become a bit frustrating to people like me who bought the Xbox One and PS4 to play new games and have unique experiences.

Dont get the wrong idea and assume I am against companies taking games from the past and rereleasing them with improved graphics or features. It is a great thing to do and there can be all kinds of good games coming to the new consoles. The problem lies in the fact that they are remastering the wrong games.

The Last of Us is a great example. It is a wonderful game, and did very well on the PS3, so Naughty Dog and Sony decided to take it and move it to the PS4, boosting it to 1080p and 60 Frames Per Second. I own it on the PS4, it looks great and runs very well, but I am left with this feeling that I was ripped off. I paid $60 for the last of us in 2013, and then thirteen months later I paid another $50 for the same game. Yes, it is smoother, but that is it. The SDF would be quick to jump all over me and be filled with rage at the fact that Sony was kind enough to let me have “the best game ever” on the PS4, but if you really were to look at the Last of Us Remastered, you would see that it was a quick way to make more money for Uncharted 4. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but still Sony should not have called it a Remaster. Compare it to GTA V coming to the Xbox One and PS4, they really redid a lot in order to make it look and feel like it was made just for the new generation, where with the Last of Us it feels the same as before, yet Rockstar does not call it GTA V Remastered. They accept that in its core it is the same game that you played in September 2013. Sony has gotten too good at manipulating the fanboy hive mind in the past year and a half, and they know it. They see the power in certain words and companies like Naughty Dog. Power to them, they really know how to rake in the cash at the expense of innovation.

Remasters should be done in a way that offers something new or really exciting outside of the graphical change. Metro Redux is a fine example, for the developers really too Metro 2033 and put effort into changing it into something that will feel new enough for the people who played it before, yet offer a better experience for those coming to it for the first time. The ability to play both Metro Last Light and Metro 2033 as more action or survival oriented games, and the added sections between certain chapters gives the game real value for what you are paying for. You’ve already played it, but it will offer up something new.

Take Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it is all four Halo games with improved graphics, over one hundred multiplayer maps, the Halo 5 Beta, and Halo Nightfall the TV series, all for the price of a single new game. Yes, it is mostly something most gamers have experienced, but it is exploding with content at a low price, and it will be something to welcome in new fans while still winking at those who phage been playing since the Original Xbox brought Halo into many gamer’s lives. It is how a collection of games should be done. Sony should look at it and realize they need the Uncharted Collection, with multiplayer maps that are based off of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, they will offer something new and exciting, but be there for fans of the trilogy.

i know that last generation was filled with a lot of HD Remasters, but they were for games that deserved it. The Ico/Shadow of the Colossus pack was brilliant, and having the Sly Cooper Collection, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Ratchet and Clank Collection, all of these were great and released at low prices so that many people could jump into them. However, The difference between these collections versus what we get now is more than price. They were older games, ones we have not seen or played in five or more years. If the companies want to bring back a game, it should be one we haven’t played in a long time, but one we still enjoyed. The fact is there is a gold mine of classic games out there, waiting for their chances to shine again. I would love to see a Spyro the Dragon Collection, or a Crash Bandicoot Collection, or a Medievil HD.

The problem is that the people who are buying these keep complaining like I do, yet they keep buying them. Developers speak the language of money, and they will keep shoveling these games out if the gamers keep buying them. If we were to stop and say “Hey, how about you make this game instead,” they would move in that direction. Gamers are ignorant now, with an illusion that the companies and developers care about what we want, but they only care about what we buy. We need to beat the system by not buying their crap and telling them what we REALLY want. If we do not, we will be stuck where we are, and the industry will slow down as they keep rehashing what we have already played.

The real point behind all of this is that the X1 and PS4 should be backwards compatible. We should not have to pay again to get access to what we already have, and gamers know it. They are just too gullible and the industry is beating them. 

Enough of my negative rant. Sorry this entry was a little boring, I just had to get it off of my chest.


Apologies, Time Escapes Me

Hi hi hi there, friendos. 

I do apologize for my lengthy time away. It was not my choice, I happened to be caught up in a number of things. I meant to keep active but sadly I was unable to remind myself. Let me fill you in on the events, in a somewhat out of order manner.

I am currently in Colorado Springs, having moved from Southern California to attend UCCS. I was quite excited to make my way out here, until of course I realized that I lacked the proper funds to attend such a University. It has become hell for me, knowing that my debt is growing and that I am left with no money and without my best friend and girlfriend. Two separate people, though I do consider my girlfriend my best friend most of the time. She is amazing, I do say. Someone I get along with like I have not with others before. The story of the two of us coming together is quite nice, as well, I may share it in the future, but I will leave it at the fact that I love her and it deeply saddens me that she remains in California. Shes always on my mind.

As you can tell, I graduated from High School, praise Reekris. It was not as bad as I make it out to be, I enjoy school, I just do not enjoy the people at school. The ending of High School was also stressful, since I was faced with a number of projects that would make or break my whole grade in several classes, and that is no fun, though I would prefer it to the loneliness and depression.

Enough about me. This is a gaming blog. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider. Depending on who you are, those words will either make you smile like an idiot or send you into a homicidal rage. Let’s get something clear about it, shall we? Now, the SDF is pretty against it since it is a timed exclusive for Xbox One, which is understandable that they would be displeased, but the amount of rage that they seem to feel about it is rather out of place. The practice of game companies paying money for a game to come to their console first is a common one, and not something that should upset people. It is a marketing strategy, and a good one, seeing as how the Tomb Raider reboot was well received. 

Fanboys, Xbot or SDF alike do not seem to understand how competition works. You can go online and look at petitions to bring Halo to Playstation and Uncharted to Xbox, with angry rants about how no console should have games the others do not, but they fail to see that competition is good. If you look back to twenty or thirty years ago, the price of video games ranged from thirty to ninety dollars, and there was nothing that could be done about it. The competition regulates the gaming industry in a way that it did not in the eighties. Both consoles need pros and cons when buying, if they were the same then there would be no point in having two companies.

The PS4 is more powerful, good for it. The Xbox One has better media features, good for it. PS4 gets the Order, Uncharted 4, Tearaway Unfolded, all kinds of games. Good form. The Xbox One gets Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, all kinds of games. Good form. If you have interest in something on a console, buy that console. Do not bandwagon onto the PS4 or the X1 because your friends say one or the other is garbage, because in reality you will be happy playing what you want. Either choice is a good one, I have both.

And yes, even the Wii U is pretty good.

Sorry, this has been a topic that has been bothering me since Gamescom. I wish that there was more logical thinking and less of a hive mind in the gaming world, but what can you do?

I think next I will focus on remasters and how they need to stop.

That is all for today, lovelies. I should be back soon. Until next time.

Payed Demos?

Recently Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has launched, and it has had a very mixed reception from fans and critics. Many loved it(like me) and others hated it with a white hot passion. Now, the hate it has received is something I both understand and do not understand. On one hand, it is a very good open area, with interesting missions and a decent story line. The graphics are wonderful and it has a buttery smooth 60 FPS. But in the other hand, it can be beaten in by most people in about an hour(on the first play through) and costs thirty dollars.

Now to be fair, you do get more content than just the 48 minute campaign(how long it took me to beat it). The side ops take 35-60 minutes each, and each are fun, though there are only five. They range from killing two specific targets, rescuing a specific person, which is the same as the main mission, just shorter, and collecting data from a person on the base. There is a lot of fun to be had, but really the content is just padding for the campaign, which is a prologue to the Phantom Pains, coming next year. I am a hardcore MGS fan, so a bite of anything new gets me wet, but really the overall game was bland. Sure, I finished the mission and had a lot of fun doing it, but the ending cutscene just made the rest of it feel weak by comparison. Letting us play the scene out as snake would have been wonderful, but instead the climax of Ground Zeroes is something you end up sitting by and watching take place. A huge disappointment to what I see as a solid(heh) experience.

Though I like it, people cry and pout about the price. They do not want to pay that much for what is merely a “demo,” and while it could be argued that Ground Zeroes is a Demo, it is just as easy to look at it and realize that it is just a short introduction to the main game. A demo, in my own opinion, is a piece of software that shows the best and newest features of the product without spoiling anything or ruining your main experience. Ground Zeroes is an important part of the MGS V story line, and no it does not show off much of the new features at all. I was honestly surprised at the lack of new features besides the stealth elements. It can hardly be called open world. It is not a demo, it IS merely a prologue. Calling it a demo is not correct, but getting mad at the price is both wrong and right. 30 dollars for what you get is not the worst thing in the world, especially since other games were charged 60 and were giving less fun content(Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 anyone?). With GZ you get important story details and a good taste of the game, which may come out early next year or, as I would hope and pray, the end of this year.

Like I said about Titanfall, the game should be enjoyed for what it gives you. I cannot stress enough that what you get from a game is what you alone get from it, nobody else can change your own personal opinion. If you do not want to pay $30 for a prologue because you do not see it as a good investment, you do not have to, but just think harder about where you are putting your money, because there are much worse games and movies out there to be purchased. We can only hope that this is an exception to the release of games and demos, but as the current gen moves forward we may be encountering more demos and prologues that need to be purchased. It is not fair, but the industry does what it wants to do. The future moves towards digital only and microtransactions, and though people do not want it, eventually every little demo, bonus DLC, expansion, everything will be an expensive slice of digital DRM. We as gamers need to enjoy what we have now, because it is just going to get worse on us as time moves forward.

Regarding Titanfall

The recent release of Titanfall has sparked controversy among the gamers, with the community being divided between those who love it and those who hate it. The people who love it of course love it because they think it is a lot of fun. Having played the game, and regenerated once(the equivalent to Prestige Mode in Call of Duty), I can say it is one of the best multiplayer game I have played. Fast paced, balanced, and loads of fun, it was easy to get sucked into the game. It isn’t perfect, but it is a blast.

A big factor causing hate for the game comes from it being multiplayer only. Though Xbots like to declare it the Holy Grail of video games, countless people came forward, crying out about how they will not pay full prices for half a game. They feel there is no value in it if they have no campaign, because people buy Battlefield and Call of Duty for the campaigns, right? I love Titanfall, it is fun as balls, but I’m not trying to defend It, that is just a really poor argument. Many big games cost sixty dollars, ones that offer less than 20 hour of play time(I consider this short). It is less time you’d spend in a multiplayer only game, unless you hate it, so why not say a short single player game is only half of a game? It is the same argument. The value of a video game should come from the amount of time you spend enjoying it, not from what you get.

As with any online multiplayer game, comparisons to Call of Duty are going to come out, and for Titanfall they seem unfair. The game plays very differently, with more movement, tighter shooting, and different features. I do admit, there are some resemblances, but they are ones that I can pin to any FPS. I cannot stand Call of Duty, it is mindless and requires no real skill, only time to unlock more powerful weapons. A fat kid in a boat in a typhoon has more balance than that mess of a series, and they would be good to completely reboot the whole thing. The people who buy it are ignorant kids who do not know better, and it is bad for the industry. For christ sake, bring platforming collectathons back. Gex 2, Banjo-Kazooie, these games are GOLD. GOLD I SAY.

More hate comes from the fact that the game is not on a Playstation console. The SDF has been on a crusade against the game, regurgitating the same arguments based on what they have never even experienced. Hating a game because you cannot play it is one of the worst reasons to hate it, instead you should be happy that other people get to enjoy it in the first place. If someone is so insecure they need to go around bashing it for that reason, they need to evaluate their lives and find out why they seem to feel so inadequate. I feel bad for them. It isn’t even about the game anymore, it’s about the whole “console war.” You make as much progress arguing with someone about whether or not tuna salad is better than chicken salad. It is all preference.

My overall opinion is that though Titanfall is good, it should not be considered half a game. It is also nothing like Call of Duty, so stop saying that it is. I get more enjoyment out of it than I do most action games with singleplayer only. If you really want good value, buy an RPG. Those things fill your lives with joy, and give you countless hours of great times. Oblivion is still one of my top five games, if you have not played it. It is cheap as hell for what you get out of it, and better than Skyrim.

People should not be judged for liking what they like. We all can have our own preference and unite. We all enjoy video games, and in the end that is all that matters.

It’s been a long time, old friend

So, I was reading an article about a motorcyclist who was hit by a car. His whole left side was cut off in the accident, his arm, his leg, part of his torso. He was rushed to the hospital. Needless to say, he is all right now.


Anyways, I have been away for a while, enjoying the different endeavors that life has sent me towards. Too much to list, so I will split my posts up over different subjects during the week. To get it out of the way, my personal life will take up the beginning. Skip to the next paragraph if none of that matters to you(Do it now. I won’t blame you. I am like the Meg of real life.) Still here? You bastard. Well, I was accepted to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to study History and become a teacher. I should be moving there in August. I am excited about the move, for it will move me to a climate that has more than one season. I am pretty tired of Summer, some snow and rain will be a nice change in my life. Contrary to the belief of everyone I tell about my state of choice, they assume I want to go there to get high, which is completely wrong. In actuality it is the beautiful weather. And meeting new people. The people here are rather dull, and meeting another person who is decent seems somewhat uncommon. I met one recently who seems pretty cool, but they are the only one since October. I love my friends, they are all great, but something new would be nice. Since so many of us are leaving, we have drifted apart.


The recent release of Titanfall has sparked a lot of controversy. I will write another post summarizing my overall thoughts on how the hate coming for it is based mainly on SDF(Sony Defense Force) bandwagoning. The PS4 is the more popular choice, so anyone who doesn’t get down on their knees and please Sony is branded as a heretic and banned from the internet, which is absurd. We all like Video Games, I cannot understand why some people would dislike games because of what console they are available on. Pointless battles raged by the SDF and Xbots.


inFamous: Second Son has also launched, and received decent reviews, most of which were fair. The game is fun, but does not innovate at all. Really nothing was done uniquely, which was disappointing. I felt like it could have also been released on the PS3, since the world was not very large, nor the gameplay complex. Its best feature was that is was attractive to look at. Of course, the SDF likes to jump all over it like it is the best thing since Sliced Bread(which was invented in 1928, for all of those not too knowledgeable on history.)


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is also something I will need to spend some time talking about, seeing as how it was a $30 game that most people could beat in about 45 minutes. There is a lot of hate and debate springing from that, but me being a MGS fanboy I could not resist. People ask “How could Hideo Kojima have the balls to do this?” Well, he IS hideo Kojima, arguably one of the most respected developers in the industry.


There’s a lot more I want to cover, but I just wanted to post this tonight in order to talk about my recent thoughts, activities, and plans.


My final topic is the Renaissance Faire! This particular Faire, The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, was the first Renaissance Faire in the United States, opening its doors in 1962. Originally based in Agoura Hills, it now takes place at the Santa Fe Dam Recreational area. It happens annually, from April to about halfway through May, and it is a BLAST. I mean, holy ShitBalls, there are so many awesome things to do. The food is amazing, the music is badass, and the people are hilarious. I highly recommend you all attend, though I say the easily offended should be wary! It opens this weekend, and I will be there opening day(the 5th, god it’ll be so crowded, sadface). If anyone wants to check out the site, it is
There is so much to buy and see and do, so do not miss out! I shall post more this week!


The music I mentioned can be sampled below, it comes from two amazing bands

First are the Poxy Boggards:

and the second is the Merry Wives of Windsor:


I am Nerdman67, you have a great day.

Soon, Friends, Soon

So, my teacher game some inaccurate information in a history lesson regarding Hitler, and I have to say I have lost all of mein kampfidence in her…. Heh…

On another note, the playstation 4 comes out in about two and a half weeks now, and the excitement grows. I was able to pick up a controller for it at the game store. Though it feels good in my hands, I am not a fan of how the convex control sticks are a little too steep with their ridge. The triggers are miles and piles better, of course, and it actually fills my hands well. Overall I am pleased, I just cannot wait until I get my hands on the console.

I also was able to play the Ghostbusters video game. It is quite fun, but kind of difficult. Any fan should pick it up. I do not have much else to say since I am less than an hour into it.

The game Battlefield 4 has had a lot of controversy around it regarding the graphical fidelity of it on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. I have seen a number of comparison videos, and I must say overall I think the Xbox One version looks better. It has more aliasing, which is kind of ugly, but it seems to have better colours. The PS4 version looks a little too muddy, but people seem to say it will look better in person because it runs at 900p and not 720p like the Xbox. Understandably, I cannot seem to decide which console I want it for now. Damn it.

It is clear that a number of people are still misinformed about the new game consoles. Some think the PS4 has the task swapping feature at launch, some think that the Xbox One requires people to have Kinect plugged in. It is kind of frustrating that nobody really knows what is going on. The facts are not hard to find.

Halloween is in just a couple of days, and I am disappointed in myself. I havnt done much Halloween stuff, which is probably to blame on the fact that I no longer have cable. I cannot watch any scary movies or documentaries. Soon enough, though, I shall have a horror movie marathon, which I hope will bring up my dark spirits.

I was trying to make my way through the hallway earlier while at school, and a group of people were just blocking the entire width of the walkway. I requested passage and was denied. Normally I would have shoved my way past, but something had been building inside of me for the entire day and I couldn’t hold it in. I began to circle the bastards, crop dusting the whole group, releasing the pressure on my bowels that had been causing me pain for hours. It was noisy, so they could not hear the eruption from my asshole, and I quickly scurried away. Giggling like a child, I hid around the corner and heard the cries of agony as they were subject to the toxic gas. It pleased me.

I really want to play the two board games I have gotten but not played much recently. AD&D Second Edition and GURPS look so fun, I just never get a chance to sit down and play. I have shit planned out completely, so hopefully soon. Of course, a game usually begins like Lord of the Rings, all epic and fantastic, and ends like Monty Python, all convoluted and nonsensical. It is funny, but always a pretty odd change. When I sit down with people again, it’ll be great.

I also need to exercise. I am starting to look a little too amorphous with my shirt off, so the work will have to be done to fix that. And soon.


Good Day, Sirs

So, I tried to think of a joke, but nothing punny comes to mind….

Wow, that was really really stupid.

Knott’s Scary Farm was alright. Delirium was the best maze again, though Forevermore was fun. My love for Poe knows no boundaries. Alas, I was unable to venture through Trapped for a second year. I lack the proper number of friends willing to enter. I can read about it online and imagine how awesome it is, so I guess it could be worse. Overall, I feel the place is best enjoyed with one two people. Me and Blue, me and Face, me and Asian, it was always more fun with just two people. I suppose I am the kind of person who best enjoys everything in a one on one environment.

I was sitting around earlier, and began thinking to myself about what has been happening in the nerd world, and I began to wonder how things will look a few years from now. There is a new Doctor, there are two new game systems coming out, Game of Thrones is going into Season 4, the second Hobbit movie releases in two months, there is a lot to be excited for. Yet, as I look to the future, I see what is coming now. There is a lot of hard work before the fun. Sometimes the best things in life are battered by hardships and trials, directly or indirectly. I look at what I am excited for or what makes me happy, and I think of all that is between me and them. It kind of brings me down. I do not look forward to the future.

I got Rayman Origins free for being a playstation plus member, I thought it would be a good idea to get a year of PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold since the Xbox One and PS4 are just around the corner. I will say, I wish somebody had told me that Rayman Origins was such an enjoyable game, it really brings me back to the classic days of platforming games. It makes me want to play Rayman Legends, but I will wait until it is cheap. Though 2D platforming games are fun, they are not the most enjoyable things in the world. There is a reason they are becoming less and less common. The needs and wants of modern gamers is an ever changing world, where developers struggle to follow the newest popularity fad. If only the First Person Shooter love would die away, a new Call of Duty every eight months is hurting the industry more than supporting it. The rise in RPG’s and open world games coming with the next generation should really help with all of that.

Rayman Origins tells the first adventure of Rayman and friends, and it is actually a rather large game with a huge amount of collectibles and unlocks. You advance the game by moving through a linear platforming level to reach a locked box with little creatures to save, and along the way you can find more hidden boxes as well as glowing creatures, relics, and time trials. I have been playing on the PS Vita and it runs really smoothly and sounds wonderful. Though prolonged gaming sessions with it can lead to bordom from repetition, it is a blast to play for 45 minutes to an hour at a time, replaying levels over and over to get every unlockable costume and character, as well as just enjoy the nostalgic platforming goodness that Rayman has been known for. I wish there would be more games that return to the gameplay of the originals. The world is in dire need of Banjo-Threeie or Banjo-Kazooie 3 or whatever rare will call it. They have come out and said that they want to do it, and the Xbox One would be THE place to do it in. I nerdgasm just thinking about it.

I had a really good idea the other day, and these people I know kind of took it and messed with it. I do not like that, but the idea still remains intact within my imagination. I was thinking of ways to warn children not to stay out too late, and I remembered on Family Guy when Ollie Most rose from the smoke while people were singing his name, and it had me imagine a little kid about to go out and their mother is like “Remember little Timmy, if you stay out too late, Michael Jackson will rise from the grave and molest you.” and it cuts to the kid out late, alone in a dark street. He is walking in silence when fog rolls in, and he begins to get scared. He looks around and sees nothing, but suddenly you hear a “HE HEE” from the distance and he jumps back and begins to walk quickly. As he walks, there is another, slightly louder and closer. All of the sudden, he turns into an alley and you hear really loud “SHAMONE” and he begins to run in fear. He runs and runs, before hiding behind a dumpster. As he sits there, he looks around to see if he sees anything, but he is alone. As he sighs in relief he gets up and begins to leave, when you start hearing chanting, at first quiet, but growing and growing. “Mamase mamasa mamakossa… Mamase mamasa mamakossa… Mammasemamasamamakossa… MAMASE MAMASA MAMAKOSSA” and thriller zombies led by Michael come to get him as he crawls away screaming.

They made it too… Goofy and friendly.

To me this would be hilarious, especially if done properly. I lack the means, but at times I feel I wish I could do certain things, like write skits. I would probably suck, but It would still be fun.

MJ Gimme Dat

I dont know, sometimes my mind just wonders.

I have heard multiple comments from people about how they enjoy this Blog, which is nice. Tell your friends, spread the word. That way more people can read and I will be more inspired to post and stuff. We all love and stuff.

I hate social networking, for the most part. I understand being connected and stuff like that, but I just really do not care about what you’re eating or how drunk you are, which teachers are bitches or how “Done with life” you are. If I have to see one more picture of this guy’s sleeping cat, I am going to blow a god damn gasket.

But I cannot escape the world of social networking. It is woven into my life, and everything relates to it. It is on every computer, every phone, video game systems can even be linked to facebook and twitter so you always are connected, but in actuality there are about 3 or 4 people I care to have updates on. These are people whose lives I care about and information I enjoy having, so we can be closer friends and talk more about what we have in common. I want to delete it all and have nothing to do with it, but it is like a tractor beam, pulling me into the stupids and making me care about it. I can’t not do it. I lack the control to quit checking in. There are times where I can go a few days without logging into facebook or deviant art or twitter or something, but I just cannot avoid it all together. My best friend is better than me, she is able to resist and spend time with her cats.

Maybe that is the real problem, I do not have cats. Cats seem to make everything better and leak out a happiness radiation that fills all of your cells with a joyous cancer. Cats are love, and the more cats you have, the more love you have. It is as simple as that. I can insert a pun here about how I love the pussy, but I am actually pretty serious.

Dogs are awesome too. I have always had splendid times with dogs, it is just sometimes they are too needy. I am an affectionate person, I need to feel wanted, but sometimes with dogs I just want them to screw off. Which is why I love indoor cats, they love sleeping on you, but they know how to crap indoors without ruining the carpet, and they need space too. It is a win win situation.

I don’t know. I have had a lot on my mind, so my thinking is kind of foggy. Cheers, mates.

See you next time.

The reason these two are posted on the same day is the old website I used constantly crashes, and ain’t nobody got time for dat. They were written a week apart. So yeah.

Good Day, Sirs